Change the Health of the Nation

Evolent Health is comprised of an experienced and committed group of health care professionals, unified by a passion for transforming the way health care is delivered and experienced in America.

Our Mission

The rising cost of health care is unsustainable, and we believe every patient deserves higher quality care at lower costs. We build financially aligned partnerships with provider organizations, including health systems, physician groups, accountable care organizations and provider-sponsored health plans committed to moving towards full risk to achieve clinical and financial success in value-based care. We have the experience needed to drive this transformation as we pursue a singular mission:



“From personal experience, we knew health care could work better for our families—for all families. With this in mind, we founded Evolent and recruited some of the brightest minds across the industry as we seek to make our mission a reality.”

Tom Peterson,
COO and Co-Founder

Our Vision

To support leading provider organizations in gaining the operational scale, financial partnership and clinical capabilities they need to improve health outcomes and lower cost for patients at both the individual- and population-level. Leveraging our centralized support, our partners form a network of progressive health systems that identify, share and implement proven best practices to change the way health care is delivered and experienced in their local communities.

Strategic Pillars

For leading health systems committed to delivering higher quality care at a lower cost, we are the value-based care partner that delivers integrated clinical and financial capabilities to achieve results with confidence.

Aligned Partner

We invest literally and figuratively in the success of your health system, and in the future of health care. Our payer-neutral approach means there are no conflicts of interest, and no competing lines of business. Our partners’ success is our success—our role is to power the successful implementation of value-based care. We accomplish this through innovation, responsiveness and a passionate commitment to your growth amidst the changing dynamics of the market.

Clinical Value

Our provider-centric approach begins with our expansive team of clinical experts. We earn the trust and alignment of physicians because we care as much about helping patients as they do. Our understanding of the everyday operations of health systems—and how to improve them—produces a profound transformation in clinical and financial outcomes that puts the patient back at the center of care.

Full Solution

Transitioning to value-based care is a complex process, and the benefits of doing it right are extraordinary. You need a partner who knows how to align every critical function to ensure success. No matter where you are in your transition, we have the clinical and operational expertise you need to move forward with confidence—and produce tangible results.

Proven Results

We’ve brought together the most talented, experienced and passionate leaders from every corner of health and have more than 20 years of provider and health plan experience at our helm. Together with industry thought leaders and our client base of leading provider organizations, we deliver operational scale atop a powerful learning network to share experiences and best practices.