Katie DiPerna Cook
Chief Customer Officer
Reach Out

Katie DiPerna Cook was an early employee of Evolent and continues to serve on the Executive Leadership Team as Chief Customer Officer. She drives strategy and integration across Evolent solution teams to enhance the customer experience for several of Evolent’s largest partners. Previously, she led a team focused on supporting Evolent partners’ overall satisfaction, retention and growth.

Katie is also Senior Vice President of Medicaid Risk at New Century Health. In this role, she oversees customer strategy and operations for NCH’s Medicaid health plan partners under capitated risk. She provides leadership for overall plan performance and customer success, including network operations, provider engagement and clinical initiatives. 

In Evolent’s early years, Katie built and led the Communication and Change Management team, as well as a Health Plan Marketing team. Prior to joining Evolent, Katie was the Director of Employer Health and Human Capital Programs at the World Health Care Congress. A graduate of Villanova University, Katie began her career as a journalist with MSNBC.