Evolent Health Partners with SOMOS IPA to Accelerate Transition to Value-Based Care in New York City Communities
May 09, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 9, 2018 – Evolent Health, a company providing an integrated value-based care platform to the nation's leading provider organizations, today announced it has partnered with SOMOS IPA to accelerate value-based care in New York. The partnership will focus first on supporting the performance goals of New York’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program for approximately 300,000 New York residents and will serve as a platform to expand to other value-based care arrangements.

“In Evolent, we have a partner who understands and shares our mission, values and passion for being a true health care change leader and supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities,” said SOMOS Founder and Board Chairman Dr. Ramon Tallaj. “We are excited about partnering with a market leader like Evolent and look forward to pursuing additional opportunities with Evolent to drive growth and better serve New Yorkers. Our transition to value- based payments is critically important to our mission, as it considers the whole health of a patient in reimbursing providers. Our partnership with Evolent will guide us on our value-based care journey and ensure the core mission of Governor Cuomo’s DSRIP program.”

Evolent is supporting SOMOS’ efforts by accelerating its population health infrastructure, enhancing clinical transformation and providing operational support across the SOMOS network. Evolent is implementing its population health performance management platform, IdentifiSM, to share critical analytics with network providers, facilitate efficient care coordination, fund community health workers, and integrate clinical and other data across the network. In collaboration with SOMOS care providers, Evolent is deploying clinical programs to proactively address health issues and ensure beneficiaries receive recommended preventive care. Evolent staff is also working side-by-side with SOMOS providers to connect patients to local community services—such as transportation and housing services—to support patients outside of the doctor’s office. 

“It is a privilege to partner with a top-performing, innovative provider network and community leader like SOMOS,” said Evolent Health President Seth Blackley. “SOMOS’ clear focus on social determinants of health and integrating medical care, cultural fluency and community support aligns very closely with our mission. Together, Evolent and SOMOS have the opportunity to drive real change for a significant percentage of New York’s population.”