Analytics and Improvement

Continuous Improvement is Essential

Rigorous Discipline Comes Standard

Our health system and physician organization partners rely on us to ensure their value-based clinical and administrative operations are constantly improving. A rigorous discipline of improvement is core to our partnerships' success, within this framework:

  • Analysis and continuous improvement spanning population health, utilization management, health plan administration, PBM, risk adjustment, provider network, quality and financial performance
  • National and local expertise bringing actionable insights to bear
  • Leveraging complete and accurate data and leading-edge analytic tools
industry perspective

Why Do Population Health Results Vary? An Introduction to "Impactability"

Providers and payers have invested millions of dollars into population health with mixed results. Why is this? Based on our experience working with nearly 100 risk-bearing provider-led organizations, one of the key determinants of an organization's ability to generate value hinges on the concept of "impactability". While not a word you can find in a dictionary (yet), it is essential to driving a return on your population health investments.


National and Local Team

Specific functional expertise can be expensive and challenging to staff locally. We have optimized our analytics model to ensure you get the highly specialized expertise and local customization you need.

Financial analysis and forecasting

Led by our Chief Actuary, our actuarial and financial team works with each provider partner to analyze results, track and forecast performance. For health plan partners, this team also offers benefit design and underwriting expertise.

Clinical analysis and improvement

Led by our Chief Medical Officer, our team of physicians, PhDs and clinical informaticists analyze performance using standard (e.g., HEDIS) or custom measures to source actionable improvement opportunities, then work with you to make adjustments to the clinical model.

Operational analysis improvement

Led by a team of executives with backgrounds in health plans, accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks, we combine ongoing operational key performance indicator monitoring with regular performance management cycles to hone value-based administrative operations, ensuring high performance.

Data quality

Led by a team of data integration experts, we monitor source data, including EMR feeds, claims, pharmacy and lab, to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Reporting and Analysis Tools

To ensure data and performance transparency, our technology platform IdentifiSM both embeds reporting and analysis into our workflow applications (e.g. Identifi Care) and offers a standalone reporting and analysis suite.


Our library of more than 100 tailored reports covers areas such as medical performance, clinical program performance, network and physician performance, pharmacy performance and health plan performance.


We offer a self-service reporting and analysis application enabling our partners to ask questions of, and get more clarity from, their data. Users can change data filters or groups, drill-down into underlying data and add customized visual analyses.


Our full-service team leverages advanced tools and customized models to mine your data for insights, compare your performance with peers and benchmarks, and forecast your performance based on a set of assumptions refined through years of experience.

One Partner for Your Value-Based Journey

Our analytics and improvement capabilities are built on our experience and passion for supporting physician groups and health systems making meaningful progress toward the new model of value-based care. We aim to be your partner throughout the journey, leveraging the experience of our team and an integrated approach that is proven to work.

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