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With a provider heritage and extensive operational experience, Evolent Health delivers the infrastructure and financial support providers need to achieve clinical and financial success in value-based care. 

The Evolent Difference

We are clinicians, data scientists, strategists, engineers and operators with a full suite of capabilities and capital to help providers manage risk for Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and self-funded populations. Leading health care providers partner with us because we jointly commit to results and use our experience in over 30 U.S. health care markets to accelerate success with clinically-driven, provider-led and payer neutral approaches. 

Midwest health system anticipates $5M shared savings in Next Generation ACO, based on 80% gainshare according to independent preliminary analysis

More than $1 billion in claims were collectively processed across our partners with greater than 99% financial and procedural accuracy in 2016

Statewide health plan projects $67M in managed Medicaid savings through pharmacy benefit management best practices

“To build the competencies that were needed to get into everything from insurance to population health initiatives would, on our own, take us years—if we were ever able to do it.”

Mike Maiberger
COO, Premier Health

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