Next Gen ACO: How to Eliminate Your Risk and Maximize Your Return
Posted on Jan 09, 2017

With the introduction of the Next Generation ACO Program, CMS has given health systems an opportunity to transition to a viable alternative payment model. But with the promise of greater upside value creation, comes the downside of assuming risk and the imperative to ensure financial, operational and clinical excellence. How has CMS incorporated feedback from early ACOs into the "Next Gen" program design? What are the strategies and competencies you need in order to limit your risk while participating in the Next Gen program? How do you successfully execute upon the unique operational opportunities that the Next Gen program offers?

Join us for a complimentary webinar to leverage our experience as an operational partner to multiple Next Gen participants and learn:

  • The keys to succeeding in the Next Gen ACO program
  • How to leverage the lessons learned from Medicare ACO early adopters
  • Risk Mitigation 101: Your guide to understanding the three elements of risk mitigation


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