Five Risk Adjustment Myths Impacting Your Program
Posted on Apr 25, 2017

Provider organizations understand how important risk adjustment is to managing the cost of chronic patients. Its value is undeniable. But how heavily do you rely on technology? Do you look to your EMR's problem list to be the single source of truth for risk-adjustable conditions?
As one of the only organizations who works solely with providers, we have pulled together the top five myths we have seen impact a provider organizations' risk adjustment program. Hear from two risk adjustment experts on the best practices you can implement to minimize execution risk and engage your entire physician network in your program.
After this webinar you'll be able to:

  • Target the five major areas for problems to occur in your risk adjustment program
  • Understand the value of mitigating risk through disciplined risk adjustment operations
  • Put in place strategies and tactics to engage your entire physician network


  • David Koehler, MD, Market Medical Director, Evolent Health
  • Michael Lee, Regional General Manager, Risk Adjustment, Evolent Health

Who should attend?
Health plan and health system leaders who are involved in any or all aspects of the Risk Adjustment process

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