Navigating the Discharge Process
Posted by Claire Egan on May 08, 2017

Dealing with health issues and, as a result, the health care delivery system is something that happens to everyone at some point in their lives. And unfortunately, figuring out how to manage whatever sent you to the doctor is often a stressful, expensive and unpredictable process.

Less common? The ability to make a positive impact upon that experience in the realm of your professional life.

John Mach, MD, recently found himself in such a situation. His mother broke her hip, and he found the steps following her discharge from the hospital to be inefficient and ultimately an obstacle to getting his mom the care she deserved.

However, John has an advantage that most don’t have. Not only is he a physician, but he works here at Evolent Health as our Chief Medical Officer – providing him a front-row seat to how value-based care models work and the ability to put that knowledge to work for his mother’s wellbeing.

He recently wrote a blog for McKnight's Long Term Care about how our partner Deaconess Health has embraced value-based care, and how the tenants of the model – lowering costs while improving the quality of care – could positively impact others in his mom’s situation.

Like John, all employees at Evolent work hard every day in service of our mission – to change the health of the nation by changing the way health care is delivered. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.