Industry Perspective
Why Do Population Health Results Vary? An Introduction to "Impactability"
Posted on Nov 07, 2017

Providers and payers have invested millions of dollars into population health with mixed results. Why is this?

Based on our experience working with nearly 100 risk-bearing provider-led organizations, one of the key determinants of an organization’s ability to generate value hinges on the concept of “impactability”. While not a word you can find in a dictionary (yet), it is essential to driving a return on your population health investments.

Our whitepaper, written by Anita Cattrell our Senior Vice President of Research and Development, details how to implement best practices into your population health program and shares one organization’s journey to achieving the following results: 

48% reduction in medical spend
66% reduction in inpatient admissions
51% reduction in emergency department visits
$4.6M in total annual avoided costs

Download the white paper today.