Our Capabilities

Value-Based Performance Through Our Integrated Approach

Working with providers and health plans in more than 30 markets, Evolent Health has demonstrated that an integrated value-based platform outperforms a siloed approach. Since every organization is different, we customize solutions to help achieve your goals.

Customizable Capabilities to Meet Your Needs

Value-Based Technology Platform

Manage your value-based care programs from a single, unified platform. Powered by advanced data integration and predictive technology, IdentifiSM delivers care management, network management, risk adjustment, core claims administration, member management, reporting and analytics to providers and health plans. Learn More

Care Management

Focus your care management efforts where they can have the greatest impact on health outcomes. Our technology platform predicts which patients are most likely to experience serious, preventable medical episodes. Then, our care advisors draw on their clinical backgrounds and our proven care coordination approach to change the health trajectory of these patients. Learn More

Network Performance

Support your network physicians with education and actionable data while reducing administrative overhead. Our proven strategies, tactics and tools motivate physicians to embrace change within their practices and find a greater sense of purpose in their work. Learn More

Performance Analytics

Follow your progress, see where your value-based care efforts are succeeding and discover where you need to adjust. As part of our continuous improvement cycle, actuaries and clinical informaticists regularly analyze your performance data, offering scorecards, interim cost and quality forecasts and process improvement actions. Learn More

Risk Adjustment

Ensure that you accurately document and code your patients’ severity of illness. With Evolent, you won’t need to stitch together services and tools from multiple vendors. Our team works with your physician practices and leverages leading-edge machine learning, natural language processing and electronic medical record integration technologies to more easily identify, document and code conditions. Learn More

Health Plan Services

Grow your health plan, drive down administrative costs and provide a superior experience to your network and members. We deliver efficient third-party administration and medical management services to health plans and providers with delegated risk. Learn More

Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)

Our comprehensive PBM capabilities focus on driving value through pharmacy benefits. In addition to offering a highly cost-effective PBM, we integrate pharmacy data and clinical data with your model of care to streamline prior-authorizations, bring better pharmacy data to the care team and provide a unified experience for patients. Learn More