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From population health to lowering cost, many health systems are already trying to create more value for health care consumers – but creating more value while getting paid less is not a sustainable business model. 

To build a thriving value-based business, health systems must also capture a share of the value they are creating, and stay ahead of the competition by securing access to larger populations of patients and members, profitably. Success requires a strategy that balances all three parts of the value-based care equation:

The key is knowing which customized approach will amplify outcomes and accelerate growth in your market. Our breadth of core competencies recognize that no two health care organizations require the same approach to value-based care. Our capability offerings can be deployed as a true full solution, or combined in various groupings to create a customized approach uniquely suited for your specific business needs. Explore Evolent’s portfolio of solutions for carefully balancing and executing a winning value-based care strategy.

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