Risk Adjustment

Built for Physicians, by Physicians

A Single, Easy to Manage Solution

We take care of all aspects of your risk adjustment campaign, eliminating the need for sourcing services and technology from multiple vendors.

  • The latest technology including natural language processing (NLP), electronic medical record (EMR) integration and smart coder workflow
  • Full management of prospective and retrospective campaigns including patient and provider outreach
  • Physician and practice engagement, training and support
  • Hierarchical condition code (HCC) coder staff
  • Ongoing improvement powered by analytics

Clinician or Coder? Engaging Physicians for Risk Adjustment Success

What is the impact of adding stacks of paperwork to a practice’s existing documentation burden? A high value practice that doesn’t see the value in capturing risk? Physicians spending more time coding than with patients? In this webinar, our experts help you determine solutions with physicians, for physicians, to ensure success for all stakeholders in Risk Adjustment. Understand the barriers to successful physician engagement and learn how the right balance of workflow, training and tools will maximize your program.

Eliminating Physician Abrasion

For prospective risk adjustment to succeed, physicians need to sufficiently document chronic conditions. Our solution is designed to make this happen seamlessly by:

Gaining physician buy-in and achieving proficiency

With onboarding, demos, training and support that have been proven effective

Making it easy for physicians and staff at the point of care

Through EMR integration, a simple web-based tool or a single physician patient assessment form that keeps physicians working efficiently

Prioritizing undocumented suspect conditions for physicians

Using technology that builds prioritized suspect condition lists that reflect the most likely undocumented conditions, making it easier for physicians to spot them quickly

Keeping constant tabs on your own performance

With regular goal tracking and rigorous physician and plan performance reporting

Eliminating administrative burden

Through CMS submission support that reduces the need for rework

Integrated Retrospective Adjustments that Dramatically Improve Accuracy

After the performance year has been completed, a retrospective campaign begins. The goal is to find patient conditions documented by physicians that were not accurately coded so that these issues can be rectified. We accomplish this by:

Finding possible un-coded or under-coded conditions

By reviewing 100% of available medical data through connectivity to multiple EMRs, technology-powered review of progress notes and claims data

Enabling fast, accurate HCC coding

Using a coder workflow tool that enables fast, accurate and compliant coding through technology-assisted chart review

Easing your administrative burden

Through Risk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) and Encounter Data Processing System (EPDS) file submission support

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