One Platform for Value-Based Care

Value-Based Technology Platform

Manage Your Entire Value Business from a Single, Integrated Platform

IdentifiSM was built to manage value-based care for providers and health plans. Powered by advanced data integration and predictive technology, it combines care management, network management, risk adjustment, core claims administration, member management, reporting and analytics into a single, unified platform.

“Getting the technology in place and reminding people that this has to be physician-led…those things together are really what this relationship is about.”

Dr. James Porter
President, Deaconess Health System

Focus on the Patients You Can Impact Most

Identifi brings together a complete set of data from electronic medical records (EMRs), claims, labs, pharmacy and self-reported and socioeconomic sources into a clinical profiling and predictive analytics engine that prioritizes patients you can impact.

Accurate and comprehensive record for each patient

Our data integration team aggregates, normalizes and quality-checks data before it is combined into our patient-centric data warehouse.

Clinically relevant facts about your patients

Identifi's configurable rules engine continuously updates patient profiles to ensure accuracy. Records contain clinical facts about each patient that are used to evaluate the impact of interventions. 

Patient predictions that balance risk and your ability to make an impact

Identifi's predictive models and stratification logic combine insight-rich patient profiles with the latest advancements in data science to accurately identify open gaps in care. The result is a set of priorities that providers can use to direct efforts toward the greatest opportunities to positively impact the health outcomes of patients.

Integrate With Your Host EMR

User interface integration

Our EMR integration pushes critical insights and recommendations to your physicians within the host EMR. This allows physicians to quickly assess patient risk, see open care gaps, document risk appropriately and stay connected with the rest of the care team—all at the point-of-care.

Data integration

Identifi integrates data from a wide variety of EMRs and practice management systems, bringing relevant clinical data into our enterprise data warehouse and clinical profiling engine.

What Makes Identifi Different

Powerful prediction

One of the most accurate in the industry, our model boasts a c-statistic of .82—an indicator that it strongly predicts which patients will experience a given outcome.

Evidence-based interventions

Interventions are built into personalized care plans and made actionable through mobile and web-based applications, and EMR integration.

Beyond population health

Fully integrated network management, utilization management and core claims administration drive a holistic approach to value-based care driven by a unified technology platform.

Identifi Applications


A web-based application that supports care advisors in triaging patients, conducting assessments, developing care plans and managing their list of prioritized action items. Identifi Care considers your patient’s risk level and specific health problems to recommend a set of evidence-based interventions.


A web-based application for physician practices that keeps them connected with the extended team helping their patients. The application also helps physicians identify and resolve undocumented chronic conditions and offers reporting to monitor a performance against value-based care goals.


A tool designed for patients to easily interact with the care team when enrolled in a care program. The secure mobile application allows patients to access the care team roster and to initiate contact or upload biometric data while on the go.


A web-based application built for provider-owned health plans. Unlike utilization management (UM) solutions created for payers, Identifi Review is fully connected to the rest of Identifi, so UM decisions can be supported by the latest EMR and claims data and the patient’s current care plan.


A web-based provider data management application allowing providers and network managers to create, maintain and access provider directory data. Identifi Network provides a central location for network managers to document changes and track interactions with providers.

Health Plan

Supports health plans with claims adjudication and processing through a flexible benefit configuration process. It also enables premium billing, automated nonpayment processing, member enrollment data tracking and provider contract management.

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