Who We Serve

Transition to Value-Based Care with Confidence

We build financially aligned partnerships that enable provider-led organizations to take on full risk. We draw from our clinical and operational experience across more than 30 markets to support you in achieving your value-based care goals.

A Unique Commitment to Providers

Health Systems

Health systems partner with us due to our proven success working with peer organizations across all levels of value-based risk. Our experience spans urban and rural, academic and community, mid-sized and large health systems. Learn More

Independent Practice Associations (IPAs)

IPAs work with us to define and execute value-based strategies to take advantage of Medicare programs designed for ACOs and payer partnerships with commercial payers. We work together to drive data integration, clinical integration, population health, measurement, reporting and sensible payer partnerships. Learn More

Provider-Sponsored Health Plans

We jointly operate more than 10 provider-sponsored health plans. We help to launch, optimize and grow health plans and include ongoing operations spanning clinical, third party administration, actuarial, financial administration, provider network, marketing, sales, regulatory and compliance. Learn More

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

We work with a cohort of more than 10 ACOs, helping them achieve more upside gain with less downside exposure through integrated clinical and administrative technology, expert services and aligned financial partnerships. Learn More

Pediatric Hospitals

We work with more than 50 percent of existing free-standing pediatric hospitals to help them control their value-based destiny. With Medicaid rates under scrutiny, it is critical for pediatric providers to work together in their markets and we provide the infrastructure to support these collaborations. Learn More